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Swimming Coach: An Immersive Swimming Learning System

by Cheng Yao,Mingxuan He, Qingcong Wang, Ying Wang, Yuyu Lin, Juanli Liu, Fan Xia, Leijing Zhou

Published onNov 15, 2019
Swimming Coach: An Immersive Swimming Learning System

Swimming is a common activity to keep fit. To assist hydrophobic users to overcome the fear of learning swimming, and to give full play to the advantages of land swimming practice, we propose a swim learning system which includes VR system, wearable devices and frame structure to provide users with an immersive and interactive learning experience of swimming without water. Users’ real-time postures can be detected by using the body gesture recognition system, while visual and haptic feedback are also available to users. Preliminary investigation shows that the proposed system has demonstrated potential in the field of swimming learning.

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