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Huxley: Intelligent Book as Essentialist Artefact

by David Ramsay, Joe Paradiso

Published onNov 15, 2019
Huxley: Intelligent Book as Essentialist Artefact

Huxley is a system that uses measurement of a user’s focus and interest throughout the day in order to alter a ‘smart-book’ in their home space to make it more engaging. By tracking user interaction with the book over time, the home environment also learns to alter peripheral cues in imagery, lighting, and sound—controlling the character of the space and the visual salience of the book— in order to encourage its use.  Huxley is an environment that is informed about user goals and works to encourage better decisions and deeper focus in line with those intentions.  It is an artefact of an essentialist, attention-centered design philosophy.

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